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    | Sardinia, Italy (Sardegna)

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    Domenico Manca S.p.A. is a multigenerational master olive oil producer
    ranked #1 in Italy and #6 for the globe (Dec. 2021; Top 100 Societies).

    News Release January 18, 2023:

    No. 1 Italian Olive Oil Maker - Three Years in a Row

    Since 1916, Domenico Manca S.p.A. champions a vertically integrated
    orchard-to-bottle business model. Its brand SAN GIULIANO is namesake for the lands
    its nearly 200,000 olive trees live, and where its fruits are cultivated, pressed, and bottled.

    Located within minutes of the Mediterranean Sea on the northwest coast of Sardinia,
    the San Giuliano Estates present geologic and climate compositions that promote a
    thriving ecosystem for olive cultivating. Its model of growing, milling, and producing
    in one place ensures rigorous standards of excellence are met year after year.

    Behind the brand is the Manca family and their team who, over a century, have perfected
    the timing of harvests and blending of cultivars while continuing to invest in
    sustainable, state-of-the-art farming and mill technologies.

    SAN GIULIANO is Sardinia, Itay's best-selling brand of EVOO, and the company
    regularly receives top honors around the globe; most recently from international
    competitions hosted in Israel, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.

    ExcellenceFromOlives.com is operated by San Giuliano North America
    and is managed by our United States and Canadian teams working
    to make our foods more accessible. We invite you to be a part of our journey!
    Contact our North American representatives here.
  • Salute!

    San Giuliano Welcomes You

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    A match of values.

    Chef Jason Wilson's visit to San Giuliano

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  • San Giuliano EVOO is 100% sustainably grown,
    cold-pressed olives.

    ~wholesale retailers access our North American catalog here ~

    San Giuliano EVVO is wonderfully complex in flavor and rich in antioxidants
    because of 5 key factors:
    Meticulous, sustainable agricultural practices
    Early harvesting (robust flavors & higher antioxidant content)
    Cold-press milling within hours of harvest
    Climate-controlled stainless steel silo storage
    Bottling on-demand in custom dark glass
    Featuring at our e-store:
    Gold Award Winners @ 2021 & 2020
    New York International Olive Oil Competitions
  • FAQ

    What makes San Giuliano different?
    For over a century, San Giuliano meticulously farms and produces EVOO from their estates located on the northwestern coast of the Italian blue-zone island of Sardinia, Italy. The focus will always be quality over quantity, resulting in distinctly delicious, antioxidant-rich EVOO.
    How does San Giuliano make EVOO?
    San Giuliano harvests at specific moments throughout the fall and winter seasons to obtain particular flavor profiles (the earlier the harvest, the less yield of oil, but more pronounced nuances in the olive fruit and higher content of polyphenols). The olives are then immediately cold-rinsed, cold-pressed; its pulp is separated from the juice using a natural process, and then the water by-product and olive pits are re-purposed to produce biofuel and skincare products.
    The oil is then stored in climate-controlled stainless steel tanks for bottling on-demand.
    What makes EVOO so great?
    EVOO brings a complex harmony of flavor and texture to foods while being a highly versatile staple in the cooking and seasoning of countless cuisines. At the core of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil has been around for over 4,000 years. EVOO also delivers monosaturated "good" fats, vitamins, and powerful micronutrients to the cardiovascular system.
    Can you cook or fry with EVOO?
    Yes. EVOO has a smoke point of up to 410 Fahrenheit / 210 Celcius. Studies show that when sautéing with extra virgin olive oil, the bioactive compounds from foods like tomatoes, onions, and garlic migrate to the oil and are absorbed in greater amounts by the body.
    How nutritious is extra virgin olive oil?
    EVOO contains micronutrients, vitamins A &K, and is high in monosaturated fatty acids (and when substituted for monounsaturated fats, helps lower "bad" LDL cholesterol). The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil add benefits beyond cholesterol lowering.
    Where do I find San Giuliano EVOO?
    We are working on a retail store locator for North America, but in the meantime please email us your city at livewell@excellencefromolives.com and we'll locate your nearest retailer.
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  • Excellence from Sardinia

    San Giuliano is Sardinia, Italy's #1 EVOO.

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    2018 Planting:
    40k olive saplings

    "To all who choose San Giuliano, we dedicate our most important planting of the 21st century to you, your grandchildren, and beyond. Salute!"


    -Domenico Manca, 2nd generation, Francesca Manca, 4th generation, Pasquale Manca, 3rd generation (Left to Right)

    #livewell #excellencefromolives
    #straightfromsardinia #salute!

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    San Giuliano is a sustainable farmer, employing pesticide-free, chemical-free, practices across the board.


    Byproducts of San Giuliano's oil making process, such as olive pits and water waste, are re-purposed.

    Sardinia's geological setting and climate of the Mediterranean present ideal growing conditions for San Giuliano's 167,495 olive trees.

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    Non-GMO Project Verified

    Today San Giuliano lands span a thousand acres, where indiginous cultivars grow, such as Bosana, Semidana, Leccino, Carolea, Coratina, and Ogliarola.

    San Giuliano's portfolio of Non-GMO Verified products is found at The Non-GMO Project.

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    EVOO as a Superfood

    Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade of olive oil and is categorized as a nutraceutical in Europe because of its healthful antioxidant properties.

    Rich in micronutrients, San Giuliano olives are cold-pressed immediately after harvest, then stored in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks until bottled on-demand at the source.

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    Now e-retailing

    San Giuliano offers you its 2021 & 2020 New York International Olive Oil Competition award winners.

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    Spanning Generations

    From field to mill to convention floor, decade after decade, the Manca family's work ethic behind producing world-class extra virgin olive oil is no secret. "We wake early, work hard, and operate as a team." All to produce EVOO "that is as pure as nature intends."

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